Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kate and the Girls

So much to catch up on!  Let me begin by introducing our newest family member, Kate.  She is a rescued quarter horse and one of the finest babysitters ever!  We've been spending the last few months at the rescue ranch getting to know our new friends and we have decided that Kate and her two sisters Tat and Kahlua would be most welcome at our new home.  We've been working hard at building the trust these girls need to know they can depend on us to take good care of them, and know they will do the same for us.  The desert is cooling now and we are starting to spend more time indoors, so I promise to finally begin catching up on the thoughts and memories we have had since moving back to the states.  In the meantime, warmest wishes for a beautiful and delicious Thanksgiving!

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  1. Finally got around catching up with your blog! Happy to see everyone is having a great time!