Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryan

My little boy would be celebrating his 24th birthday today. Its been almost two months since my last post and as much as I can't wait to share and re-live the fun and crazy times we've had since we packed up and journeyed half way across the planet, it was today that was most important to acknowledge.  The birthday of my only son, my cute little boy who had the ability to make you want to kiss and kill him all at the same time! What a rascal, a dreamer, an artist and a real boy's boy he was~ and will forever remain in my heart and mind.  Missing him never gets easier, but remembering him is just like breathing to me - its essential and it keeps me very much alive.  Today we will sail our balloons up to heaven with messages of love and birthday magic knowing trhat somewhere, without a shadow of a doubt, Ryan receives them...I can hear him laughing already.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN PATRICK ~ MOM LOVES YOU FOREVER! XOXO


  1. I have a picture of Ryan I took at your Dad's house one day with Stacy..he was dancing in the kitchen...going round and round in circles..and he still continues to dance up in heaven...happy birthday Ryan!

  2. Dear Mom,

    You are so sweet Ryan Patrick was so very lucky to be born with you as his Mother!

    A Friend