Thursday, June 17, 2010

First to go

Anita and Vanessa ,I am going to miss you guys (Brenden too) when you leave tonight. We have had some good times and shared a few sad ones too (our doggies are playing in heaven for sure), but mostly its all the laughs I will remember most.  These costumes you guys made at a moment's notice still amaze me and whenever we needed to count on the "fun" people to show up for things, you were first in line.  Argentina is so lucky to have you next!  When we started out on this life of travel, it was people like you that I prayed would cross my path.  Looking forward for that time when we will meet again and share the special friendship we will always have.  Bon Voyage my friends xoxo

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  1. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa!!! I have been on a whirlwhind since leaving Cyprus and am ashamed to say that I am just reading this now... Let me tell you that you are one of the most incredible women that I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing. You are a gentle, soft spoken, beautiful and kind friend and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be your friend and to continue being your friend. Thank you amiga for some very special moments and I know that we will meet again (hoping it will be in Argentina!) You have a beautiful family and I so admire your style girl!!! See you when I see you but know that in between I am thinking of you!! Besos y Abrazos Amiga your friend always Anita